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    The site that I’m working on requires two main admins for the site. The first will be dealing with enquirers completing the form and the second admin will be in charge of approving/adding content to the blog. Is it possible to specify that the form goes to another email address leaving the main email address in settings/general as the primary contact?

    Many thanks



    You can try to enter two email addresses into the email option field. Just separate them with a comma like:

     (Email address hidden if logged out) , (Email address hidden if logged out) 

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    Thanks for the quick reply, I’ve already tried that and once saved it edits the address to;

    (Email address hidden if logged out) @mail.com (comma removed)

    Any ideas???




    Strange it works for me (I entered the email address into the text field on the Theme Options > Contact page). Are you using the latest version of Velvet? It’s version 1.3.




    Version 1.1.6 is the version we’re running. How do you update? Appearance/themes there is no option to update.



    Hi Evosat,

    Only themes in the wordpress.org database can be updated that way.

    You’ll need to go to Themeforest and then your Downloads. Re-download the theme and then unzip that main package. You can then install the theme just like you first did and it will only update the files.




    Hi Devin,

    Downloaded the updated theme from Themeforest and tried to install it through Appearance/Install Themes and I’m getting an error message ‘Destination folder already exists. /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/demo/wp-content/themes/velvet/’. Thought it better to check first but can I unzip locally and then replace all the files via ftp.




    Hey Paul,

    Yes, you can just FTP up and overlap the files that way. Its my preferred method but most find just using wordpress the most simple (unless the permissions doesn’t allow you to overwrite the files as you’ve run into :) )



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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