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    Either my upgrading to WordPress 3.5 has changed something, or I’m losing my mind (probably the latter)…

    Before the upgrade to 3.5, to add multiple photos to a product I would just use the “Add Media” function in either the main content area or the Short Product Description fields and upload or select the photos. Now (after the 3.5 upgrade) when I use the “Add Media” function it will only insert the URL’s for the image location into the content areas and does not add the additional photo(s) to the product.

    What is the correct method to add more than one photo to a product? (for example, I have the main image of a chair added…now I need to add the additional photos of fabric and wood samples which will be the thumbnails under the main photo)


    Hi MLA18,

    I just updated a test install to 3.5 and I see what you mean. I’ll need to check with Kriesi to see if there is something new to adding multiple photos or if they need to be attributes or what.




    Any update on this?

    I discovered that by adding the images via the short product description and then deleting the image in the short description it stayed in the main image section – however how would I now remove one of these images I don’t know…


    Sure – the product image gallery works fine. Just go to “Add Media” > “Insert Media” and click on the “Media Gallery” tab. Then select “Uploaded to this post” from the dropdown. Now you’ll get a list of all attached images – click on an image to view the details, edit or delete it.


    Hi Dude,

    is it true that this is the only way what stevedegal said: first you add them to description or short description and then delete them from the editor area to let the additional images stay only underneath the featured image… It was really a hassle to find out that it will work this way…


    Hi gsTom,

    No, you can add images as Dude said above using the Media Manager that is part of wordpress. The only limitation is that because this is using the built in manager, you can’t attach a single photo or media to multiple products/posts/pages so you’ll be uploading a new image.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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