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    Hi there

    When navigating from main menu (level 1) to a child-page (level 2) the menu link (level 1) remains coloured or ‘selected’, but when navigating to level 3 or beyond the colour disappears from the link (level 1), and the user do no longer know where he/she is.

    I have tried with following code, without result:

    #top .main_menu .menu .current_page_parent a strong{

    color: #FF9100;



    #top .main_menu .menu .current_page_parent a strong, #top .main_menu .menu . current-page-ancestor a strong{

    color: #FF9100;


    What to do?

    My test site to look for yourself; http://www.collette.dk





    I think your second example is correct but there is a space between “.” and “current-page-ancestor”

    #top .main_menu .menu .current-page-ancestor a strong {
    color: #FF9100;




    Bumping this thread because I came across this previous post as I have the same issue.

    I’ve tried the above code posted by Kresi but it isn’t working for me. Is there a known solution?



    Hi nyct,

    Can you provide a link to your site and what page/navigation item we can see an example of the issue.




    still on local site at the moment but should have it up soon on dev site.

    but to explain further, it is happening at every page possible after all parent pages, i.e. top level main menu pages (blog(NEWS), portfolio(CATALOG/ARTISTS), STORE, Archive for specific categories(RADIO)). when these top level pages are clicked from the main menu, it shows by color that you’re on that page like this :


    but if i were to click on an individual NEWS (BLOG) post, it does not show that I am still in this “section” of the main menu


    if that leads you to any explanation please let me know otherwise I’ll post back here when site is online…thanks again.


    Hi guys I’m back, still looking for a solution to this issue. I have the dev site live so if you could take a look and let me know that’d be much appreciated.


    once again, pages on Level 1 display the correct property for each menu item, in my case:

    #top .main_menu .menu .current-menu-item a strong{
    background:url(../images/skin-minimal/menudash.png) no-repeat center right;

    however if you click deeper within that menu item / page, for example:

    http://www.nyctrust.com/basement/devwp/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -ii/

    i lose the property. i think it would be helpful if people knew they were still in the NEWS section. It is the same within each menu item / page. Please let me know a possible solution. Thanks again for all your help!


    Hi nyct,

    It doesn’t look like the main blog menu items gets any kind of indicator that its the parent of a single blog post so I’m not sure if its possible to target it like the other pages. If you change your current code in custom.css for the current menu item to:

    #top .main_menu .menu .current-menu-item a strong, #top .main_menu .menu current-menu-parent, #top .main_menu .menu current-post-ancestor, #top .main_menu .menu current-post-parent {
    background: url(../images/skin-minimal/menudash.png) no-repeat center right;

    This should hit any/all menu items that wordpress labels as parents of the current page with a in place taxonomy. The others: News, Catalog, Artists just don’t have a class specific to the child pages like the above.



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