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    Just wondered if anyone could suggest the best way to add an additional sidebar.

    I would like a few pages to have a left and right sidebar

    many thanks in advance


    Very Easy:

    Go to Design/Widgets and add a new Widget in the lower right corner (Enfold Child Custom Widget Area). You can name it e.g. “Sidebar_2”.

    Put the contet you like inside the widget via drag and drop (e.g. individual menu, text, etc.) In the text element you can write any html code.

    Then go to pages and open the page to assign the new sidebar. On the right side you will find the “Layout” box where you choose under “Layout – Select the desired Page layout” the Left or Right Sidebar. Underneath the box you find “Sidebar Setting – Choose a custom sidebar for this entry”. Here you will find the new Widget “Sidebar_2”. Select it and save/update the page. Done!



    Thanks chilli-mind for helping us out :)




    Thats great thanks chilli-mind!


    Thanks for the advice – but I meant have 2 sidebars at the same time ( on the same page ) – rather than 2 different sidebars

    Cheers k


    Tbh I doubt this makes sense and it will probably hurt your seo because you’ve duplicate content on your page but the process is exactly the same. Follow chilli-mind advice above but select the same widget area for both sidebars. Then all sidebars (left & right) will output the same content.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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