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    Hi Support,

    Need some help and advice about your theme ‘Twicet’

    Am trying to develop a site for a local bathroom store based on your template – but am finding it hard to take it to the next step, and many more levels deep.

    1) Front Page

    Where you have the 3 boxes (Headings ‘Multiple Skins’ ‘Works Everywhere’ ‘JQuery’) If i wanted to put some text before those boxes or after – the default blurb about a company and stuff.


    2) Footer

    Like this support site Categories, or Custom Categories links look and feel on the Twicet Theme, with i think a useful Search

    I think a ajax search just in case people are looking for brand, spec, etc.. and option to add Twitter Logo, Facebook, like some themes

    if nothing is but in admin backend then those logo’s wont appear – gives users a choice.

    3) Products, Categories pages – this is the hardest for me and to customise need your help – well i need it for all of it ;)

    How best to display a Main Category Page, then a Sub Cat, Products, Item… But this could be even deeper if Brands are added..


    But there next page is a big complicated looking – dont want it looking like a Ecommerce Style but guess it will have to look..

    I guess just a few custom pages ?? Man i am confused – HELP (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /full_screen_preview/102478

    I like the idea somewhere on the Frontpage the Shop by and then like CPHart

    Accessories, Basins Etc, Baths, Furniture, Showers, Taps Controls, Flooring…

    At this point i need to stress – the site is not going to be Ecommerce just a brochure site… So maybe just item, few picts, different angles and product spec – option to display or type price or dont show price.

    Anyways i think you get where i am coming from..

    Plus any plugins that can turn WordPress into iPhone, Android, looking page… and we may have a winner :)





    1) Just write your html code after following two code lines in index.php

    echo '<div class="content_top"></div>'."n";
    echo '<div id="content">'."n";

    I.e. like:

    echo '<div class="content_top"></div>'."n";
    echo '<div id="content">'."n"; ?>

    <h1>My company: About us</h1>
    <span>etc. etc.</span>


    2) There are tons of plugins and widgets out there for all that stuff – have a look at the plugin database: – i.e. the words “ajax search” give you 239 results ( – at least 10 plugins are useful and compatible with WP3.0.4.

    3) Basically same answer as 2) – just search for sorting plugins or use the standard archive plugin with a drop down list.

    Plugins like WPtouch: help you to make your wp site iphone optimized


    Hi Dave, i tried that and it styles looks terrible can i email you a screenshot please…

    Also am a little disappointed in the response to the other questions, took me a while to email type all that up and your response is go and find a plugin – that all good and well it still means the hard bit of customise or fitting into your template design.

    Can you explain 3 or show me any examples..

    Also how do i create a better footer

    Can i just email you my site where i am at and i think would take you two mins to modify Twicet with another of your templates… and the footer would be sorted.




    I’m not sure why you’re calling me Dave but it’s ok :)

    You can send me the screenshot to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll have a look at it.

    Our support forum should help people to set things up and we help out where we can (with small css/php modifications and plugin suggestions) but we can’t do customization. The link you posted leads to an ecommerce template – it’s a lot of work to change twicet the way you want. Obviously the themes are cheap at themeforest. You can’t expect to get some hours of customization (implementing plugins, new code, etc.) for this price.


    Hi Peter, i emailed you late last night…

    Many thanks i hope you had my email, was wondering a few things – is it possible to hack the template based on my PNG,PSD Bathrooms – also a suggestion, maybe a resource a few people on your books that you could recommend for WordPress Edits, Design tweeks, style (that do not cost the earth). As from your response i see you probably get asked a lot for edits to themes, php hacks, css styling etc – would be good if you could recommend a few honest, and value people – that do a job on time, with quality and with a good limited budget.

    Have a look at my screenshot and get back to me – would love to speak on Skype to you and explain my thoughts for the template tweeks etc as per screenshot last night.




    I sent you a mail yesterday. Of course I can help you on a freelancer basis. Because I don’t have enough time at the moment I’ll look into it this weekend and make you a quote for the footer modifications if you like.

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