If you have troubles since the update to WordPress 4.5 please read this post before opening a new thread.

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    In order to generate these warnings, WP_DEBUG must be set to true

    The following changes need to be made in order to avoid a slew of “undefined index” warnings in the admin:

    • In framework/theme_plugins/kriesi_option_pages/kriesi_option_pages.php:

      • On line 33: replace if($_GET['page'] == $this->pageinfo['filename']) with if(isset($_GET['page']) && $_GET['page'] == $this->pageinfo['filename'])
      • On line 85: replace if($option['std']) with if(isset($option['std']) && $option['std'])

    • In widgets.php:

      • On line 69, wrap $dynamic_widgets = explode(',',$k_option['includes']['multi_widget_final']); and the foreach following it with an if check for isset($k_option['includes']['multi_widget_final'])
      • On line 87, wrap $dynamic_widgets_cat = explode(',',$k_option['includes']['multi_widget_cat_final']); and the foreach following it with an if check for isset($k_option['includes']['multi_widget_cat_final'])

    There are also several deprecation warnings concerning the usage of has_cap, which I haven’t quite pinned down yet.


    I don’t have the patience to post all of the changes as I did above, so I created a patchfile from git of all the changes I had to make after the ones I showed above to remove all deprecation warnings and undefined indices on a clean install of newscast:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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