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    Hello – I am a little green when it comes to WooCommerce and WordPress interface. We purchased the Flashlight theme for a company that sells surf fins. Having issues with creating pages for each type of fin and then assigning the specific product to that page.

    The page in question:

    Stumbling around the interface I noticed in the “edit” page section for the “thrusters” page that you can select the “woocommerce” icon and select the “insert shortcode” option and select the “Products by SKU/ID”. When we click this option – 1) the formatting is strange – aligns vertically instead of horizontally like on the default shop page; 2) the thumbnails are condensed and do not display the “add to cart” options correctly. Is there an easier way to do this in order to have the page resemble the sample “Flashlight Shop” page (

    Ideally we want to create multiple pages with that same shop interface in the sample file.

    Any and all tips to help with this process would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi roberts_designs,

    The styling for the shortcodes is pretty simplistic as it doesn’t have the same depth of customization that the shop and single pages do. With WooCommcerce, you typically don’t create a page for each product but instead when you create a product *that* product page is the page you add the content to.

    So you create your products and make sure you have the correct pages set in Woocommerce>Settings>Pages for the Shop, checkout, cart etc (which should have been created when you were prompted to do so when first installing woocommerce).

    That creates the Shop page automatically and then each product gets a page like in the demo:




    I greatly appreciate your feedback. There are just a couple of things we need to clarify. We see that in the demo page there is a “shop overview” section. But for our intents and purposes – we can have a shop overview page, but we also need pages per product. In our case with the surf fins it is broken down like so:

    Longboard Fins

    Quad Fins

    Thruster Fins

    When I look at the settings section in woocommerce I see the section for the shop base page but do not see where we would set up the the pages for each “type” of product. I.e. we want the menu to dropdown and users can click “thrusters” and then see all of the thruster fin products (mainly for ease of navigation). Does this make sense?

    The website is:

    You can see that the navigation menu is still very similar to the mockup version. We created individual pages within the wordpress admin. Added the products to the products page, set up “categories” which we then assigned the products. Then on the “thrusters” page for example ( we want those thruster fins to appear like the shop overview page. The only way we have figured out to do this so far is open the “edit” page option for the created thruster page and clicking the woocommerce icon for code and select the “products by category slug” option, displayed as:

    [product_category category=”Thrusters” per_page=”16″ columns=”4″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

    After this the products do appear on the “thruster” page but there appears to be a clipping issue with the thumbnail. Is there a different way we can assign certain products from the shop overview to appear in these pages?

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


    One quick note – one customer that seems to understand what we are trying to accomplish is the following:

    You can see in their “selections” section that for each product category they have a page that seems to work as the theme intended. We basically want to replicate this with the surf fin and accessories categories.


    After much experimenting and looking online for help I believe I solved my issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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