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    Aside from the (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -with-wordpress-31″>Featured Images Lightbox issue, I’ve come across a problem with Galleries, and with the text editor with Newscast running WordPress 3.1 on a Multisite installation.

    When I embed an image gallery in a post, only the Featured image displays a full-screen image correctly. Clicking on any other image in a gallery results in the error:

    Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.

    I believe this is because of how multisite stores images (in /bin/[blogid]). I haven’t had a chance to look at the code in detail, but I wanted to make sure it was reported, and hopefully fixed more quickly than I can (my time is extremely limited).


    Yes, have the same problem with WP 3.1 multisite.


    Glad to hear it isn’t just me.



    I’ll report this thread/bug to Kriesi. I’m not sure if we support Multisite setups officially though.


    Does it mean, with WP 3.1 and my old multisite this theme is useless for me???

    With WP 3.0.5 it had worked fine.



    I have removed a few javascript bugs in the update I just uploaded to themeforest. Guess it should be available in 24 hours or less. if you update your theme tomorrow let me know if the new release fixed all your problems :)


    Can do. I created a few new non-multisite test sites to gather a little more data, and it looks like galleries were a problem for single sites too. It’s very strange that the ‘insert gallery’ button didn’t exist at all, and i had to add [gallery] manually.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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