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    Hi, there: Using Newscast 2.02, WP 3.1.3.

    I am trying to link a Post’s Featured Image to an external hosted video (YouTube, Vimeo etc).

    My Post interface screen does _not_ have all the Thumbnail-related options you describe in your documentation:I have the “Post Thumbnail Options” box, but I do _not_ have the “Post Thumbnail” box.

    I do have the Featured Image box.

    All my screen options are turned on, so I am not sure where the Post Thumbnail box is hiding…

    So I can’t follow the exact process you outline in your instructions to upload a thumbnail, and then link a video URL to it using the “Post Thumbnail Options” box. I have tried uploading a Featured Image, and then adding a link to the video in the Post Thumbnail Options box, but the best that I get with that on the Featured Image is a link to an empty internal URL- that contains the video URL appended to the end of the internal URL string.

    Am I right that I need the Post Thumbnail box in order to do this correctly? Can you help me either find it, or install it correctly in the Theme?

    Please also explain the relationship between the Featured Image and the Thumbnail Image. Is the Thumbnail a formatted version of a Featured Image that is used only in Newscast as the standard image on a Newscast Blog page?

    Can the Featured Image and the Thumbnail be different images?

    If I upload a Featured Image, does the Theme automatically detect it and use it as the Thumbnail?

    Do I have to upload the same image twice, once to each box?

    Please feel free to reply by copying my text and posting your answers below my questions.





    A featured image will be displayed in the slider, it will link to the created post, in which you will find the thumbnail, this thumbnail will also be used on your front page beside the article, this thumbnail can be linked to an external video or image/ once clicked – this video or image will open in lightbox.

    A featured image is uploaded by “Set featured image => Pick image => Use as featured image” (below the post thumbnail options)

    Update: After some extra testing I was able to replicate your problem. Kriesi will be notified of this bug.



    Chris sent me a mail regarding this issue. I tested a bit and couldn’t reproduce the bug. The “Post Thumbnail” field (which can be seen in the screenshot/documentation) is now called “Featured Image”. The reason why the headline changed is that WP 3.0 introduced a native featured image function which replaced Kriesis “post thumbnail/preview image” function (he used it for < WP 3.0).

    Like Chris explained above: “A featured image is uploaded by “Set featured image => Pick image => Use as featured image” (below the post thumbnail options)”. Then set the dropdown in the “post thumbnail options” field to “open larger version of image…” and enter your youtube or vimeo link in the “Full Size Pic or Video for Lightbox” text field. You can also use another image instead of a video.


    Thanks so much, Dude – I followed your instructions and the Featured Image is now properly linking to the video. Appreciate it!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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