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    Does anyone know how many menus Newscast supports. Mine is showing one at the moment.



    you can set up several menus, however only one can be used. In your Dashboard under Appearance>Menus you can select the menu you want activated, in this menu you can put all your links.


    Thanks Chris, will be honest, i just want the website to look just like the demo and having difficulties in getting there. Its got pages at the top then post underneath the pages. How do i achieve that. Pls help


    In your Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets you can drag widgets to your footer to include certain things.


    I meant the navigation at the top, i want it to have pages then posts underneath just like the newscast demo.


    Hey, I’ll answer that question in the topic you made for it, you made a topic asking how many are supported and one asking how to make it look like the demo. Please keep the posting at a minimum, it’s hard to answer the same question by the same person on 2 spots. You can indeed use multiple menu’s but of course not on the same spot. More about this in the topic you made for it later today.


    Thank you


    I answered your other topic, hope it helps :)


    Hi Chris.

    If you answered the question in another topic it would be great if you gave the link to it here. I am looking for the same answer as OP second question and came to this thread through a search. Now it looks like I have to go looking for your answer elsewhere :-(



    I think you’re looking for this.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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