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    I’m encountering a problem when trying to use Image in featured media from NextGEN Gallery. Images selected in any other way (uploaded through gallery, from URL, from computer, etc. works fine) when i try to select an Image from NextGEN Gallery Image is either not loaded at all or gets an image URL in place where it should appear with infinite loop loading animation.

    I could use other ways to upload those images but this would require to double upload them all and therefore lead to doubling the space required on server and increasing site loading time. So i would be very great full if someone could point me a solution to this problem.


    Ok, i see no response. PLS Anyone HELP, tried solve this alone without result. Really would appreciate any opinion on this, even some direction pointing.



    Others have come across this issue too, as far as I know the only solution (for now) would be to upload a new image, it’s been reported to Kriesi.

    Thank you for your patience.





    I have the same issue, so I will RSS this topic and watch for a resolution.




    can you link me to your page? As this problem seems to persist with others I feel inclined to check on this again.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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