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    Hi Kriesi,

    Todays problem surrounds the use of nggallery with the monoslideshow plugin. When I use a gallery in some content for some reason it resizes it to fit the width of the content section and gives some very odd results. For example on the following page (you’ll need to scroll down a bit) the navigation button on the slideshow is off to the right when it should be centered.


    I think you have a bit of trickery in the background that is resizing it to fit in the content section.

    What would be cool I guess is if this can be “fixed” is for it to appear in a bordered box, a bit like your standard slideshow that uses the aviaslider on this page.


    Is this possible? Obviously without the little slider buttons underneath.



    I get an under construction message:

    ian.dj is still under development, please check back soon!

    when trying to access the site. Can you unlock it?


    Hi Ian and/ or kriesi

    I would like to ask, if you dont mind, how you did in the blog to show the thumbnail in half and the other half the text.

    In http://www.ian.dj/category/blog/ I have seen your “last” post: Alan Riddick Toatmaster like this.

    When I place a foto in the thumbnail show me all the anchor of the post and the text down.

    What can I do to show only half for the picture and half for the text (date, comment,…)

    kind regards,



    @ianforest Can you post a screenshot highlighting the problem? I can get onto the site now but don’t understand the problem, all looks good to me.

    @avalokorg When you add an image to page / post you have the option to set the alignment (towards the bottom of the lightbox that pops up for you to pick / upload an image) – just set left or right as you need it.


    Hi James,

    I tried but does not work.

    Still resizing the picture for the whole text space.


    Any other suggestion?

    Many thanks in advanced.




    I thought you meant including other images, not specifically the featured image.

    You can adjust the size of the “L” size image which controls the blog posts and 1 column portfolio by editing the height and width of this code in functions.php:

    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['L'] = array('width'=>574, 'height'=>268); // image for blog posts and 1 column portfolio

    You may find that you need to re-upload images to get them to resize to your new dimensions.


    Ok I decided to dump using Monoslideshow and nggallery purely because I want to try and retain 100% usability and not use flash (as it’s soooo 90’s) and am using the avia slider instead.

    RE the image Roberto is asking about, no camera trickery is used all i’ve done is set the featured image and it shows in that position.



    Glad it’s sorted out now. If you have any other questions on this, please reset the status to “not resolved” and I’ll take a look.




    Hi James,

    Sorry, but I tried to change the imgSize code and what it happens is that:


    leaves all the place for the picture and doesnot place the text in the right side.

    Any othe idea?

    kind regards,




    There are span tags wrapped around the image which make it full width. Can you edit the post to remove them, this should solve your problem.




    Sorry James, I dont why, but still…

    I made a new entrance, simple text and the pict but doesnt not work…


    I can send you the wordpress log in info if you want.

    many thanks.



    Can you set me up a WordPress account and a link to this page, and email the details to support {at} jamesmorrisondesign {dot} com with this subject (or it doesn’t get filtered correctly and I may miss your message):

    Kriesi | Avisio | avalokorg | Image Full Width (Span Tags)

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