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    Hi there,

    Currently I am using the Ajax portfolio, which I think looks really great.
    Actually, I think it’s so great I don’t want to use the single page porfolio items at all.
    Is it possible to disable the link to the sing page porfolio from Ajax porfolio?
    Currently when you click the portfolio tittle in the Ajax portfolio you’re linked to the single page entry.
    I found that i’m able to overwrite the Portfolio Link setting and link to the external URL, and I figured I could link to an image that suits the porfolio item.
    But if possible I’d prefer to disable the link.

    Is there any code for that?




    Hey MulderMind!

    You can add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS to disable the link:

    .av_table_col.portfolio-entry.portfolio-preview-content .portfolio-preview-title.entry-title a {
    pointer-events: none;

    Remove browser cache then reload the page a few times.



    Hi Ismael,

    Tried it but it doens’t work.

    If I click on the tittle of a portfolio item while in Ajaxe portfolio i still get linked to the single entry page.

    i.e.: on this page: http://www.voorjou.info/voorjounieuw/in-out
    If you click the first item and then on the tittle you goto: http://www.voorjou.info/voorjounieuw/portfolio-item/fijne-feestdagen-2/

    Anything else I can try?





    It seems to be working on my end. Can you please check once again and confirm that it is also working on your end?



    Hi there,

    I’m facing a similar problem but with a a portfolio grid.

    Is it possible to disable the link to the single page porfolio for a certain item category? We have items in the categories “marketing” and “development” and I just want the development items to be clickable.

    Anything I can try?



    @allaboutapps can you post the link to your website so we can check if it is do-able?



    Hi Yigit,

    Sure: http://www2.allaboutapps.at/app-referenzen/

    Most of it is still dummy data though. Basically I’m trying to get all items from the category “Entwicklung” to be unclickable and just a picture in the portfolio.


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    Try to insert following code into the quick css field

    #top .entwicklung_sort{ pointer-events: none; /* Disables the links for Entwicklung portfolio items */ }

    Best regards,


    Hi Peter,

    works perfectly fine, thanks a lot!


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