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    I would like to create columns on new page – Corona WordPress Theme. Wand shows and when clicked, comes up with blank page – does not show options as in video 4. Why is it doing this ?Have also tried creating 2 columns using shortcodes as used in documentation – second column is too long and not displaying next to first. Can you advise as well. Lastly – would like to add my own button png how do I upload this into shortcodes so that I can use them instead of dropcap. Thanks



    maybe a plugin conflicts with our theme? Try to deactivate all plugins and see if this solves the problem. Sometimes cache plugins like W3TC cause problems in the admin backend (if you select automatic file minification) – deactivate it in this case or use the manual mode.


    Thanks for reply. I don’t have any plugins activated right now and problem remains. If you can’t resolve, can I find way to manually input shortcodes into HTML so that I can continue working on the theme. Found shortcode to help with paragraphs – now want to insert quote box and then go onto inserting own buttons. Wait to hear back from you.


    Worked on another computer – Mac – when click on wand it displays the shortcode options. How do I address this on my computer? I’m using internet explorer.


    Are you running an updated version of internet explorer? Try using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome – these browsers are more friendly to code.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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