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    Hey guys,

    Is this correct?

    I can’t get any widgets to appear here, even though the template leaves a space on the right where a sidebar should go. Widgets appear on the search pages though and the layout is the same. Even widget logic won’t do it.




    I think I sorted it. The archive page is a blog template not a page template.

    If I put the widgets in the ‘Sidebar Blog’ (instead of the ‘Sidebar Pages’ which is what I was doing) I can get the widgets on the archive pages using widget logic.



    Ok now I have another headache!

    I have my blog on a page that is neither the homepage / frontpage.

    The page ID is 422, but the page is being interpreted by widget logic as an archive and not a page, which is a real pain in the ass.

    If I set it to place a widget using: is_page(422), nothing happens. If I use: is_archive() it appears. That’s ok except when I need to use different widgets on different pages that are all archives (the blog, the search pages, the archive pages).

    I can use: is_search() for control the widgets on the search pages, but I can’t separate the blog widgets from the archive widgets because there is no is_blog() conditional tag.

    Is there a way to get it to respond to the proper page ID? It would be so much easier.






    Sorry for the delay.

    Have you tried creating a custom template with (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-your-wordpress-theme” class=”bbcode_url”>an added widget area? I’m guessing widget logic will then read it right.


    Hey Chris, in the end I managed to find another way around it. I’m not sure that what you suggested would work anyway, since the archive “pages” and the blog “page” are not being interpreted as pages – they are being read as archives. It also seems that as soon as you add a blog element to a template it becomes an archive and not a regular page.

    I couldn’t find the chrome update anywhere on the Themeforest shoutbox page. I think you should have a menu section here in the forums, marked “updates” and then it’s easy for everyone to find. I think Dude was going to do it ages ago but never got around to it.


    The update is online now. I’ll do it when I’ve more time but for now answering requests is more important.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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