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    I have a problem with my portfolio page. I’ll try to explain:

    I created a portfoliopage with 4 collumns, showing 20 items on one page. I currently have placed 23 items, so there are 3 items on page 2.

    All the items are categorized.

    Nog when I click on one categorie on my portfoliopage (for example: ‘freelance’). Just 4 items show up on page 1, while there are 3 items on page 2. Question 1: Why won’t they show up all on page 1?

    Now if I am on page 2 and I click on page 1 to go back to the 4 items on page 1, I’ll come up on my main portfoliopage.

    My question is now: how can I arrange that the items shown on page 2 are shown on page 1 (because the max. items on one page is 20, even in the category pages)? And if I click on the page button at the bottom I’ll go back to the previous page and not all the way back to the main page?

    I hope it’s a little bit clear? If any questions, please ask…

    Any help is welcome…

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,



    Hi chiel

    Unfortunately this is a limitation of the sorting script. It is only able to sort what is already loaded into the page and can’t pull those other portfolio items from page two or beyond. So if the items aren’t visible when the page first loads, they can’t be sorted by clicking on the category names.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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