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    Searched the forums, but none of the solutions I found helped. On my front page, I have Dyanmic Template with the Blog post element.
    First, if you look at the page, you see the date along with dividing line above, how can I remove that and gain back that space? (also on the actual post page when clicked.
    Secondly, when you click on the post it takes you to post with the title Blog-Lastest News – can I get rid of the title or of least the ‘Blog’ part?

    Third, the post is showing the full text on the front page, I just want an excerpt, but something is overriding the WP options for that. Once I add more posts, its going to get very long.



    Think I got it. In case anyone else needs it:

    #main .side-container,
    #main .side-container-date {
    display: none;

    – though it introduced another problem. The title of the post is centered and I would like it left justified with the post text. I can’t find the css to adjust that.

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    Glad you found the solution. I recommend to add a closing bracket to your code like:

    #main .side-container, #main .side-container-date {
    display: none;

    Best regards,


    Thanks. You guys answering has helped me improve my CSS skills, but still no way Wizards of CSS like you all.
    Used this for setting the title to the left:

    #main .post-title{
    position: relative;
    left: -150px;

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    Glad you figured that out. If yout still have questions, let us know. :)


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