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    I have a page built with the AviaLayoutBuilder and in a 1/2 column I’ve added tabs and would like to have ALL CLOSED.

    Therefor I have set the option “initial open” to “0” – but this has no effect: the first tab is open when loading the page.

    This happens to all values, that I set in “intial open”, also “2” or “3” has simply no effect.

    However, when I create a normal page without the Avia Layout Builder and tabs in it like this:

    [av_tab_container position='sidebar_tab sidebar_tab_left' boxed='border_tabs' initial='0']
    [av_tab title='Tab 1' icon_select='no' icon='1']
    Tab Content goes here
    [av_tab title='Tab 2' icon_select='no' icon='1']
    Tab Content goes here

    Then the tabs are really all closed at page load. Only on pages created with the Avia Layout Builder it does not work and the first tab is always open, no matter what value I set at “initial open”.

    How can I set all tabs to initially closed when using the Avia Layout Builder?



    Sorry, my fault, I haven’t discovered the /#tab-id-1 in the URL, when I reloaded the page.

    All works fine!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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