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    Hello. My portfolio grid page has 24 items, 12 per page. The items on Page 1 are based on Categories A-B-C. On Page 2, items are based on Categories (Purchase code hidden if logged out) . Because of page based pagination, the Sorting Filter only shows Categories A-B-C on Page 1. On Page 2, it shows Categories (Purchase code hidden if logged out) . When users arrive on the Portfolio page, they have no idea that Categories D-E exist, unless they manually go to Page 2.

    I think this is completely flawed and does not promote a good user experience. The portfolio is the main showcase for our site and it’s extremely important that the filter works and shows all categories. Even if I add some items from D-E on Page 1, the user will not see the related items from Page 2 because of page based pagination.

    Please forward this to Kriesi, so he can consider a work-around. But for the long-term, the portfolio really needs to have a manual button for Loading More items like infinite scrolling. This seems to be requested many times here and it’s my hope that it can be implemented soon. Thanks.



    This is a very old issue. Sadly, it is still not fix. Workaround is to show all your portfolio entries on a single page without pagination. Let me tag Kriesi.




    Hey! I understand were you are coming from but in your case it might be better to use a plugin like

    The plugin allows ajax fetching of posts. I am not sure if we will ever add what you need, mostly because it makes the whole portfolio experience slower and more complex. Since it does only benefit a small subset of users I am not convinced that adding this behavior is smart…




    Thanks Ismael and Kriesi. I have considered other portfolio plugins, but don’t want to lose the current look and feel that matches the enfold theme, especially the ajax preview.

    I would consider using something like this, Can you at least provide the selectors to use for Content, Navigation, Next, and Item that are required for this plugin or point me to the correct file location? This is a big issue for our site as the portfolio items are the showcase of our site. Regards.



    Sorry but we don’t support third party plugins like nimble-portfolio. Please install the plugin on a test site then give us the url. Maybe, we’ll be able to give you pointers on some css modifications and basic php plugin modification.




    Hi Ismael. I was referring to the Inifinit-Scroller plugin ( and not the Nimble plugin. All I was suggesting is if someone could please assist me in identifying the following parameters below from the Enfold theme. This would at least provide us with an alternative solution to this issue. Thanks!

    Content Selector

    Navigation Selector

    Next Selector

    Item Selector



    I tested it but it is not working.



    .pagination a:first-child


    I think it is not compatible with the theme.

    You have the option to show all your portfolio post on a single page by increasing the Post Number.




    AJAX fetching of posts would be greatly appreciated here (we’ll be using the portfolio for a large catalog)

    Also allowing deeplinking would be a welcomed addition.



    You can submit a request here:



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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