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    hey again guys,

    site is working great thanks to your help.

    Just have another little issue. See here…

    Notice the buttons to go between page 1 and 2 overlap the ‘tags’ on the left – on both firefox and safari.

    Could you please suggest a fix?

    Thanks a lot




    in your Quick CSS or custom.css you can add this

    #top .pagination{top:0;}

    You can change the 0 to any value, like “15px” or “14px” (no quotes), depending on what you like best.


    Hi chris, I added you code exactly as you had it in the Quick CSS section and nothing changed. I mean, Nothing. Not a single thing on the whole site, I even tried crazy values like 1500 and still nothing.

    Any other ideas?

    I hope you can see my issue, another example here…

    See the 4 buttons to go the the different archive pages overlap the tags on the third post.

    thanks mate


    can the buttons be moved to something like on this page perhaps? (scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see 5 buttons)



    the code I provided works, try adding this. Make sure to refresh your cache after applying the styling.

    #top .pagination{top:20px !important; margin-left:118px !important;}


    Hi Chris,

    That’s got it, thanks a lot.

    I’m having real problems with firefox 10 and page caching issues with my wordpress setup. It’s not recognising any changes I make at all – even just standard page updates. I have cleared FF’s cache a million times, as well as the WordPress cache plugin I am using, but nothing is fixing it.

    Chrome is showing everything up fine though.

    It’s driving me crazy!

    Thanks chris

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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