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    Thanks for the awesome theme :)

    I just noticed that when I click the sortable portfolio categories on my homepage, the page jumps a little. I’ve checked in Chrome, Firefox and Safari and I have the same problem in all browsers. Any ideas?

    My website is http://www.lyrajuinio.com



    Add this on your custom.css

    #main {
    min-height: 500px;




    I added the code to my custom.css and it’s still happening.


    Hi lyrajuinio,

    When you said, page jumps. Do you mean that when the portfolio thumbnail is clicked, it goes up to the top of the page?




    I don’t think “jump” was the right word to use. If you go to my page, there is a line of categories above the portfolio thumbnails (All, Branding+Identity, Miscellaneous, etc etc) When I click on those links, the entire page moves a little to the right while the portfolio items load and then back to the original position once they are finished loading.

    Does that make sense?


    Hi lyrajuinio,

    Yes, I believe it does. Can you try to add this code in your Quick CSS or custom.css:

    #top {
    overflow: hidden;


    #top {
    overflow: hidden !important;

    Then try to check if the problem still persists.




    Ismael! You are a genius, this solution will work for the other guy I’ve been breaking my head trying to help! Excellent work! And I was trying to reverse engineer the jquery , lol! -Nick


    Brilliant! Its definitely much better than before.

    The only thing is, now when I click one of the categories when all the portfolio items are showing, the page moves a little to the right and stays there. I can click the other categories and the page stays in the same place… But when I click “All,” the page moves back to the left.

    Thanks so much!



    Please keep the titles to 1 line long, ‘Two’s Company 2012 Catalog’ this one is taking up 2 lines.

    Also I would make the thumbnails a bit smaller, it looks like something isn’t fitting during initial load and then jquery makes it fit, and that causes that little effect on the rightmost image.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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