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    Hi Kriesi. I have started having an issue where all of my pages are defaulting to the front page template style instead of the “default template” style. my website is . Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!



    Can you check that all the theme files are uploaded correctly (specifically page.php and single.php)? If the file doesn’t exists WordPress will look to index.php for the page content which could explain why all your pages are home pages.




    Thank you James. I reloaded those files and got that issue fixed.

    One other thing, however, I had originally placed this command in the style.css:.




    This was to remove subnavigation in the sidebar. When troubleshooting, before talking with you, i replaced the stylesheet…

    Now for some reason, when I past the command in the style.css it has no effect. I’m wondering if I am pasting the command in the correct place on the sheet. Where in the style.css should I place this rule?

    Please pardon my lack of knowledge on this issue! Really like the theme though…


    James, I got the subnavigation to work out!

    Thank you!



    Awesome, bear in mind that you can add / remove widgets under Appearance -> Widgets in WP admin.

    If there are none there, the template has defaults which will place widgets there.

    Best regards,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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