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    Ciao, I’d like to have your help please. I bought your last fantastic theme Avisio, and I’ using it on my own web site I have a problem. I’m not able to use the sub menu… It’ s seems that I followed all your instruction and the normal way to make the parent pages, but probably I’m missing something. Would you be so kind to help me please. Grazie !


    Did you use the menu manager under appearance > menus to create your menu?

    There you can create your main menu by adding items to the drag’n’drop field on the right side.

    The Dude


    Ciao Dude, yes I’ve created it. If I add the item of the page that I’d like to show in the submenu, it appears as a page in the main menu… If I’ don’t insert in the main menu, it doesn’t appear at all…



    you see… Pet’s World is a parent page of our Work… and it appears like another page… I’m sure it’s my fault but where ? :-/// getting mad :-)


    You need to drag’n’drop the item which should appear as a sub menu item to the right side of a main menu item. So click on an item and move it near the main menu item (parent). WordPress then “links” these two items as parent and child

    The Dude


    DUDE Grazie !!!!! Perfetto !!!!! Sorry to have disturbed you, now it’s working perfectly !!! I’m really a silly chicken :-)

    Have a nice day !!!



    Glad that everythin works now.

    The Dude

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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