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    I have at the bottom of most of my pages a partner/logo element that WAS working fine in my sandbox testing area:

    But once I migrated to the new server space last night it appears it shows up then when it goes to slide – it does not show the following 4 logos. See here:
    It just stops – never looping back around.

    Any clue to why this might be happening?

    On some pages the logos are showing and rotating properly.



    Hey Paul!

    Thank you for visiting the support forum!

    I checked the link (http://www.warrenbsi.com/buy-sell-planning/) and the logo/partner element is working as expected. There are two logos on the last row then it rotates back to the first set of logos. Is this fixed?

    Best regards,



    Thanks for responding… Strangest thing, I just now checked the site in Firefox and it’s working just fine.
    It must be my Chrome browser. Any clue to why this might be happening? Some pages show the logo slider – some don’t.

    Possibly a cache issue?

    Hmm – I just dumped my cache in Chrome and refreshed – still – shows the first 4 then scrolls to show a blank area. I guess it stops b/c it never rotates back to the first 4.

    Any clues to why this is happening only to Chrome and only after I migrated the site to final server (hostgator) location?

    Both IE and Firefox is showing it correctly – but only after I migrated the site – Chrome will not show slider on most pages sliding – it goes blank. The Sandbox production area still works fine and displays all correctly.


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    I have no issues on any of the above links in any browser. Not sure where the difference could be coming from on your end however.


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