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    I have a problem with my partner logos. They all are displayed incorrect.

    Just take a look at the bottom of the page:




    Please replicate the size of this image http://www.kriesi.at/themes/angular/files/2012/01/4.jpg. Then upload it again.




    Still doesn’t work.

    It always takes a fixed width so that there can only be 2 logos in one row


    Hi mehrblick,

    Try disabling any plugins you have running on the site. Then try uploading all of your logos into the logo/partner list element in the dynamic template you are using. Save and then see if the issue is still occuring.

    You may need to regenerate your thumbnails if you are using images already in your media library. Just use: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/




    Still doesn’t work.

    It’s a fresh wp installation and I also tried it on another one, with all plugins deinstalled.

    So I wonder that nobody else had this problem before.

    Is there an introduction to this logo function? I haven’t found it in the documentation. Maybe I just do something wrong?

    – So I have to use images of 419×198 px, like Ismael mentioned above?

    – When uploading a new picture in the template builder -> logo function: Do I have to choose full size (419 × 198), middle (300 x 141) or miniature (80×80)? I tried every option, but it’s always the same result.

    thank you


    Hi mehrblick,

    Can you try updating your theme files with the most recent version available through your downloads on Themeforest. It should help fix the issue for you.

    Also, when adding in the images, the image size selection isn’t taken into account but you should probably keep it selected on full size.




    Hello, I’m running version 1.4 now.

    But there is still the a problem: The images aren’t resized correctly. I used the same size as you mentioned and I re-uploaded the pictures after the update.

    Please look at http://www.whynotnow.biz

    (I just have overwritten the files that changed in version 1.3 and 1.4 because I used 1.2.2 before. could it be, that the file isn’t mentioned which have caused the problem?)



    There is a custom styling of one_fifth column element that gets in the way. Please add this code at the bottom of your custom.css

    .partner_list .no_margin.one_fifth {
    width: 20%!important;
    margin: 0;




    thank you. that solved the problem :)


    Hi mehrblick,

    Glad that I could help. :)



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