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    You did a beautiful job styling WooCommerce in this theme, thank you!
    I’m trying to password protect just the WooCommerce pages, so that ideally, if a visitor clicks on Shop:
    – if not logged-in, the visitor would see a message and a log in form (within the page)
    – if logged-in, the visitor would see the WooCommerce catalog.

    Password protecting the pages doesn’t seem to work on WooCommerce pages. We have created a child theme for Enfold, but can you give me a recommendation where to most efficiently make the customization? I assume it is a check for is_user_logged_in

    Best Regards,


    Hi crossbowstudio!

    Maybe you can use in combination with The S2 plugin gives you a better user/member management and sidebar login allows you to hide certain pages if logged in or not. You can define different access levels for each page and post. Those access rights are linked with the user administration of WP. If a member doesn’t have the access right for a page or post and he or she visits, s2 displays the login page or the registration page.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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