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    I just installed this theme and am having a very strange problem, right out the box:

    I apparently installed the theme successfully, including the sample content with the install, got it running and successfully changed the logo – so I know the basic thing is working.

    But every page other than the home page, be it your samples or anything I try to create myself, generates a ‘made up’ url/permalink that just gives me a 404.

    My install is in a subdirectory of my other main site, so for instance the Contact page it asserts should be found at:

    instead of something like:

    or some other wordpress generated address that would be a link to an actual location?

    The same happens if I try to generate a new post, page, portfolio or anything. It just generates:

    So currently everything except the main page at is just giving me a 404

    Any ideas?



    have you set your permalinks? Have you also checked your Menus, they can be found in your Dashboard under Appearance > Menus, here you can see what your navigation items link to.


    Thanks. found it was my post name structures in wp, they were default set to one of the date structures, rather than the ‘default’ and the install didn’t like it. fixed now.


    Glad that the problem is fixed now :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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