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    I don’t know, if this has something to do with the update,but I can’t find out what it is. When you look on the following page and look on the products “011” and “023” you can see, that the pictures vary in size and quality. But both pictures have exactly the same size and the same quality. “023” was uploaded today, after the update to 1.9.1. “011” before (1.8.)?

    What is it and how can I change this?



    I made some tests. When you look at that product, the first 3 pictures has all the same size and the same compression rate (930×600) the last one is bigger (1200×744). The first and the last picture were uploaded after the update. Pictures that were already in the media library seems to work fine:


    Settings in Woocommerce Catalogue are: Catalogue 150×150, single Product 300×300, product-minature 90×90. So, the preview should be a square as it was before?


    I could fix it now. To solve this I had to change the woocommerce settings in the catalog and to re-upload all pictures. The Woocommerce settings were different then the settings in Config-Woocommerce/config.php.

    What comes first?

    To avoid this in the future, I have now installed the Plugins “Regenrate Thumbnails” and “Simple Image Sizes”.

    Would you recommend using those plugins or are there any known incompatibilities?



    Glad you fixed it. I’m sure it is safe to use those plugins.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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