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    Forgive such a basic question. I’m new to PHP and WordPress and am figuring my way around both. I can’t figure out how to pop my images into the header.php. I see the section that I’m supposed to put the code in, but I’m not sure where exactly to put the code (or what text to replace with the location of my images).

    help! and thanks!


    Update and clarification. I’ve chosen the home page as the page from which to populate the slider… so forget about the header.php how do i load my images for the slider now that i’ve chosen the home page?



    you don’t need to set a homepage (so don’t set a static homepage). WP will automatically use index.php as your mainpage/homepage.

    You can add or remove images in 2 ways: either you can edit the header.php file directly (editable area starts at line 89 after following code):


    and add the images there. This is the default option when you first activate the theme.

    You can also choose the more advanced version and create a single page that holds all of the images.

    Create the page, then upload your images (which should be 900px in width and 240px in height) and add them to the page. Do not add paragrahps, line breaks, text or anything else. Just add the images directly one after another. What you can do is: adding links to these images will work without problems.

    Then save the page and head over to the cubit options page. here you will find a dropdown menu called “Cubit Starting Page Image Slider”. select the page you just created and save your settings.

    This page will automatically excluded from any menu.


    got it. thanks! i’m sure I’ll be back with more questions (sorry)!!


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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