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    Hi there,

    Very much hoping you can help with the dynamically crreated portfolio archive page layout.

    Presently, portfolio archive results are 1) displayed with the greyscale overlay on the portfolio thumbnails and 2) in a dynamically created archive page that has a right sidebar by default.

    I am hoping to turn off the greyscale effect and have the ‘archive page’ as a full width page with no sidebar so only archive results appear.

    I am using a search function plugin called “taxonomy picker” and the results this spits out is greyscale on a default sidebar page.

    Thanks in advance:)



    1.) To remove the greyscale effect on your portfolio archive, just add this on your custom.css .greyscale-image {
    display: none !important;

    2.) Open taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php, remove everything then paste this code:


    * This template controlls the portfolio overview pages:
    * 4,3 2 and 1 Column Portfolios are generated by this file in conjunction with includes/loop-portfolio.php
    * This file is called by the includes/helper_template.php file if the users applied a portfolio page to this page
    * All logic checks are located in includes/helper_template.php function avia_get_template()

    global $avia_config;

    * get_header is a basic wordpress function, used to retrieve the header.php file in your theme directory.

    $avia_config['portfolio']['portfolio_columns'] = 4;
    $avia_config['portfolio']['portfolio_ajax_class'] = false;
    $avia_config['portfolio']['portfolio_text'] = "yes";

    $description = is_tag() ? tag_description() : category_description();
    echo avia_title(array('title' => avia_which_archive(), 'subtitle' => $description));


    <div class='container_wrap main_color <?php avia_layout_class( 'main' ); ?>'>

    <div class='container container-portfolio-size-<?php echo $avia_config['portfolio']['portfolio_columns']; ?>'>

    <div class='content twelve units template-portfolio-overview content portfolio-size-<?php echo $avia_config['portfolio']['portfolio_columns']; ?>'>


    /* Run the loop to output the posts.
    * If you want to overload this in a child theme then include a file
    * called loop-portfolio.php and that will be used instead.

    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'portfolio' );


    <!--end content-->



    //get the sidebar
    $avia_config['currently_viewing'] = 'portfolio';


    </div><!--end container-->

    <?php get_footer(); ?>



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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