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    Estamos intentando hacer dos cosas:
    1. Obtener los portfolios más leídos y usarlos en una pagina, (publicaríamos solo los 6 o 7 portfoliosmás leidos)
    2. Obtener un historial clasificado por meses de los portfolios.

    Estas dos opciones están disponibles para los post, pero no hemos encontrado nada para los portfolios.

    ¿Hay alguna manera de hacerlo?


    We are trying to do these things:
    1. Get the most read portfolios (most polular portfilos) and use them on a page (publicate only the five o eight the most portfolios)
    2. Get the portfolio’s archives classified by month (as portfolio’s historic ranking)

    These two options are available for the blog posts, but not for portfolio.

    ¿How can we do it?




    En que Theme estáis trabajando?



    Estamos trabajando en Angular.



    1) You can use a plugin/widget like: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-popular-posts/ which supports custom post types too.

    2) As far as I know WordPress doesn’t support a date archive widget for custom taxonomies out of the box. I found: http://wordpress.org/plugins/date-based-taxonomy-archives/ but it’s just a starting point for developers to create a date based widget for taxonomies and depending on your coding skills you maybe need to hire someone to implement the archives.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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