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    Hi..great theme. I have small problem. On my site whenI have the portfolio images in 4 column set up I click on the thumbnail and it used to work fine and open the image in larger view and then show the various gallery associated with the thumbnail portfolio category. Now I click on the image and nothing happens (the gallery slide view does not show). This is for all browsers and I can’t figure out why..can you help. The link to the site is http://hiltonvenice.com/ (hope page portfolio slide).

    Thanks, Alex


    Hello Alex,

    Did you add any plugins or edit any files before this?




    HI…no i have not added any plugins or edit any files that could affect this..it worked and then stopped working.



    I am not sure what happened in your site. Let me tag other support team to help you out.




    Hi wadja,

    I believe the issue is that you have the wordpress installation in a different domain and the file that handles the ajax lightbox effect can’t be loaded cross-domain.

    This is the error:

    XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://hiltonvenice.wadjamedia.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. Origin http://hiltonvenice.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.




    HI….yes it appears you are correct…is their a fix for this…can I change the request in the code to handle it from http://hiltonvenice.com?


    Hi wadja,

    I’m not sure actually. I’ve tagged the topic for Peter to take a look at since he is my go-to for in depth javascript related issues. I know there are usually some issues with sub-domains and wordpress so I usually put wordpress installs in folders instead (for testing/dev work). If you can, I would recommend switching over to a folder.




    OK great thanks…of their is a javascript fix for this that would be super!


    Actually I think it’s an ajax problem and not a js conflict/error. If I investigate the website with the Firebug console it seems like the ajax request is correct but the server doesn’t send anything to the client/browser. Maybe a plugin causes the issue?


    HI…on this domain it does not work: http://hiltonvenice.com?

    On this domain http://hiltonvenice.wadjamedia.com/ it works just fine.


    Yes, it’s definitely an ajax/php issue and not a js error. I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi. To be honest I’ve the feeling that this is a server related problem and that something blocks the request. On your demo server everything works as intended and the server returns the requested html code within a second but on http://hiltonvenice.com there’s no answer at all (although the request is exactly the same) and probably something on the server blocks/ignores the request.



    Seems to work now on http://hiltonvenice.com too, as far as I can tell?

    Best regards,


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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