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    I’m trying to create a 4 column portfolio (using Ajax) that looks like one you have on the demo.so far I have encounter these two issues:

    – The portfolio entry doesn’t show as an image. Instead it shows the title and the image is shown when the user clicks on the title. I would like each entry to display the image instead

    – On the demo you have the image on the left of the entry and a brief description (text) on the right. Can you tell me how to achieve that? I tried adding text but it either shows at the top or bottom.

    Thank you


    I tried using placing the image in one half of the entry and the text in the other half but it doesn’t even look close to what I see on your demo. I can’t still figure out how to make the image show instead of the item name. You can see how it looks on my end here


    Thanks for all your help


    Also If can let me know what’s the size of the images you used for these entries. I think mine are too small



    Edit your portfolio item “Unmanaged ERP”, look for “Feature Media” > Add Image to Slideshow. The first image will be use as featured image. Your thumbnail looks small because there are lots of white space around it.

    Image size uploaded on the demo portfolio entries is 930x640px.




    I’ll try that Thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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