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    I setup a portfolio in the template builder to use as a product page and when you click on product it opens to a very large image + the text is in a single long column.

    Can I make the copy go across the page and also decrease the size of the image?


    Thanks for your help!!



    Please add the following css block to the bottom of the /css/custom.css file; OR to Quick CSS located in the admin area of Coherence > Theme Options > Styling … the text area at the bottom of that page:

    #top .flex_column .slideshow_container {
    width: 371px !important;
    height: 424px !important;
    #top .slideshow li {
    width: 371px !important;
    height: 424px !important;

    I made the image smaller, and if you want you can change the size as well , just remember that its an aspect ratio and if you change the height , you must also change the width proportionally.

    I guess you changed the text since I see it as a single long row and not column.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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