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    Please forgive me if this has been answered before, I have looked through and cant seem to find an answer…

    My issues..

    1) When viewing my portfolio is there a way of having the images not cropped as thumbnails?

    2) When viewing a portrait orientated image it shows too large, is there a way of limiting this orientation to be viewed on 1 page?

    3) In the sidebar widget images do not show in popular/recent???

    4) viewing the portfolio within my android tablet images are not clickable but are on my PC?

    I am very new to WordPress and am trying to get my head around it, I love this theme and hope I can get these small things sorted.

    I am also impressed reading through the support pages of the amount of support.

    If creating a user for someone to have a look will help please let me know.




    Hi Wayne,

    1) You can use a plugin like: and then make sure the images don’t have the crop set to yes for the images.

    2) Unfortunately I’ve never found a solution for that. Because of the responsive design and the way the layout with the slideshow is done if you limit the image to not scale it then just leaves a big blank space where the layout expects the image to be.

    The only thing I’ve found is to put your very large portrait images on a white canvas of the height you want them to be. This way it limits the overall height of the container. Additionally, you could FTP to your image files and replace that image size with your own image that is actually smaller than what was generated. As long as it has the same file name, the theme will grab and use it even if the *actual* image size is smaller. So this image:

    would be replaced by one with an identical file name in the same location but the actual image would be the portrait on a white/block or transparent canvas with a width of 930px. Which means it would not get scaled vertically to fill the width.

    3) The image is pulled from the Featured gallery for those elements. You need to add at least one image to it so that it can be used by the theme.

    4) Which tablet and OS version is it? There shouldn’t be any instance where they aren’t selectable for android.




    Thanks Devin, I will try that out and let you know how I go.

    I am using a Google tab with Jelly Bean???

    Thanks so much for your time!




    Hey Wayne,

    I’ll tag the rest of the support crew to see if anyone can take a look with something running Android 4.1.





    Please update your theme to the latest version. That should take care of the Android issue. Just log into using the same account you purchased the theme and download the latest version. Please be aware that the update will replace all theme files including your custom.css and overwrite all modifications you’ve made directly to template files. Please make a backup of your current theme prior to updating.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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