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    After the visitor clicks “Read more” on a Portfolio item, we get “(previous entry)”

    and “(next entry)”

    But, at least in my case, the “next entry” is showing the previous portfolio item [ i.e. When viewing “Commercial #2” web site the “next entry” shows “Commercial #1” web site ]. I would like it to be showing the ‘next’ site item (“Commercial #3”) [ There’s a total of 6 sites, presented in order from 1 to 6, and are the ‘first’ ones shown when the filter is set to “All” ]

    Can this be accomplished, without ‘messing’ up all kinds of other stuff?




    Hi Mark,

    The next and previous I believe is going by data published. So you can modify the order by changing the date of publication.

    I believe this plugin also allows for the via a more simple interface:





    I installed the plug-in, and it started working properly, without me actually using the “reorder” function. (I changed nothing; neither my original post dates/times, or the order of them with the plug-in).

    Hmmmm. Don’t know why it did it, but that’s fine with me—it works great!

    Thanks again for your (and everyone else’s) support on this forum. Y’all provide some of the best support for WordPress themes on the net! (‘On par’ with StudioPress!).

    Issue closed.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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