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    I’ve got an item in my portfolio with only to lines and the second line is a link.

    Now the two lines show up in the portfolio overview page. But the link is not accessable.

    Is it possible to make the link work or to not show up in the preview and only if the item is being opened?




    Can you post the link to your website please?




    We use the the_excerpt() function to display the excerpt and wordpress strips the html code from the excerpt to avoid any invalid code (i.e. because of the text truncation, etc.). If you want to display html code open up and replace



    the_content(__(' ','avia_framework'));

    afterwards you can use the more quicktag: to separate the excerpt text from your content.


    Thanks for your help. The links work well now.

    Only problem is that the content after the “<!–more–>” is displayed as well when I use the code “the_content(__(‘ ‘,’avia_framework’));”

    I changed it in the file Flashlight: loop-portfolio.php (includes/loop-portfolio.php)


    Just found that I need to change the variable:

    global $more;

    $more = 0;

    before using the “the_content..:”

    now it works. I hope this has no impact to other parts of the layout…


    Hi veleum,

    No, that shouldn’t harm anything else. You could also use your own function instead of the avia framework more function if you wanted but it isn’t really needed since you have it working now.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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