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    hey there, really sorry if this is a bit of a noob query but i’ve browsed, tweaked and trialled for hours and can’t seem to work it out..

    i want this page of my blog – – to replicate the three column portfolio page of the live demo of the sentence theme with thumbnail pic hyperlinks etc. is there an easy way of doing it with the existing posts on my site?

    thanks a lot in advance :)


    Hey chalkman,

    You’ll need to make portfolio items if you have not already. Then you can choose that page to display a portfolio with the categories you’d like. You do this from the Portfolio tab of the Theme options. In that same menu, select Portfolio Columns> 3 Columns.

    As far as I know the embed code doesn’t have support for Soundcloud so the mini players wont be able to be embedded in the portfolio items like a video from youtube would (as is in the demo).




    hey, thank devin. how do make a portfolio item exactly? do i need to make a new category and check each post i want it to include? none of my existing categories are available for selection in the menu:

    what i want to do on the 3 col portfolio page is for it to present the artwork of all of the mixes. then, when you click on the artwork, it takes you to the post itself.

    again, i’m REALLY sorry if these queries are super basic! thanks for your support! :)



    First you have to create a new page. Then go to Angular > Theme Options > Portfolio > Which page should display the portfolio? > Select the page that you created. You might want to change the columns to 3. And there is a bunch of settings there that you can change.

    Then you can now add the items on Portfolio Items > Add New then set some featured image and do the usual thing when creating a new post. I hope this helps. :)




    thanks ismael! what if i want to make existing posts, and not new ones, be featured on the portfolio page, how best would i do that?


    You can try to convert your existin psts to portfolio entries by using plugins like: – however it’s not possible to display “standard” posts on portfolio pages and vice versa without converting the posts.


    cheers guys. i found a workaround was embedding the external url of the post into the portfolio item.

    thanks for all the support!! you can close this topic now :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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