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    Please help me with this.

    1. Is it possible to remove portfolio slug completly?

    I want to my site links like, and no like

    2. Is it possible to remove deafult code from Single Portfolio Page entry, so I got simple blank pages when open new portfolio Page?

    If You do not understand, I want to present my works like landing pages, like on this expample, and want to keep sortable portfolio links on Portdolio page.

    Best Regs,



    One more,

    3. I made translate of all search fields in deafult.po file, but counter of searching results, still stay untranslated. Why is that?

    Here is example



    1) You can try this , but I am not certain if it will work any longer after the last WordPress update If it doesn’t, use the plugin below. Please open up register-portfolio.php in /includes/admin/ folder. Make a backup copy of the file then find line 30 which looks like:

    'rewrite' => array('slug'=>$slugRule,'with_front'=>true),

    and change it to look like

    'rewrite' => array('slug'=>'','with_front'=>false),

    Save the file, then go to the theme backend Settings > Permalinks and all you need to do is hit save without changing anything to flush the old permalink rules.

    You can try this plugin

    Generally this is not recommended since now you will have pages and portfolio items sharing the same space. So if you accidently create a portfolio item that has an identical name to an already created page, you may find yourself re-installing the WordPress database from a backup.

    2) Yes. You should use the Template Builder to create a template. Add portfolio within template builder to your new template, and within the options you should set “Portfolio Single Entries” as ‘show on single pages’ Take a look at this image to get a better idea. Afterwords you would add the custom template to a page which would become your portfolio, or however else you want to do it. Please check the instructions.

    3) Please try using this plugin which should do the trick. This is an article for someone having an identical problem with an unrelated plugin (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) and should help you get the idea how to go about this, since ‘2 search results for: rapsody’ needs to be translated in a specific manner.

    Good luck,



    Sorry for misunderstanding, (FOR 2)

    I know how to put portfolio items to open in new page, but I do not know how to change Portfolio entry page to be in other form.

    Here, on Your demo :

    This is standard page form when I chose portfolio items to open in new page.

    Can I clean-up somehow this code, to make this page blank, with NO slider on the left, and NO right column (skills, copyright, project URL)?

    I want to made single work page like landing page, with shortcodes, and when i do it on this, all content is in right column, near slider.



    Sorry for misunderstanding, but now we are on the same page.

    1) You can remove the right ‘skills list’ along with the slideshow with the css code below, which you would paste into Quick CSS located in the backend under Angular > Theme Options > Styling on the bottom

    #top.single-portfolio .container .four.units {
    display: none;

    #top.single-portfolio .container .eight.units {
    width: 900px;

    @media only screen and (max-width: 989px) and (min-width: 768px) {
    #top.single-portfolio .container .eight.units {
    width: 684px;
    #top.single-portfolio .slideshow {

    The CSS just covers them up. If you want to rip them out permanently, you will need to modify the loop-portfolio-single.php located in the /includes/ directory. Make sure to first make a backup just in case something goes wrong. I suggest to first see if the CSS approach above is satisfactory for your requirements.




    Nick, I try with this custom css, but it doesn’t working. When I input it, it clean all my page content.

    Is there any way to bypass loop-portfolio-single.php with some other php (like deafult page or etc), becaouse I will always use this kind of presenting my works?



    If you want to bypass or not use loop-portfolio-single.php, please open single-portfolio.php and find this code

    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'portfolio-single' );

    You can direct that to a new template by replacing it with this

    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'portfolio-new' );

    In your includes folder, you need to create a new file called loop-portfolio-new.php and it is going to be use instead. Note: You need to have the proper loops and functions same with loop-portfolio-single.php.



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