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    everywhere at my site, when I’m at a post or page, the corresponding main navigation point is highlighted (active link colour) – but on portfolio single item pages, there’s nothing in the main menu highlighted.

    How can I solve this?



    Is the portfolio single entry part of your navigation? Can you post a link please? It’s possible to highlight single entries and portfolio categories however it’s not possible to highlight a “portfolio page” when you’re on a portfolio single entry because wp can’t determine if the current single entry is assigned to a portfolio page or not.


    Unfortunately my site isn’t yet ready to go online.

    In main navigation it’s this:

    “Acrylmalerei” is a subpage, created with template builder; it includes some elements and a section with portfolio overview, too.

    For this “Acrylmalerei” page the highlighting works.

    When I click on such a portfolio single item of this overview, then the highlighting is gone; however the URL of this is then:

    Guess, this is, what you mean?

    “portfoliomalerei” is the slug, created in theme options –> portfolio for the portfolio items.

    You mean, I need to put anything else in main navigation, so that the single portfolio entries can be highlighted in main navi, too?


    Hi colorit2,

    The actually URL doesn’t change anything within the page to allow us to style a link. The issue is wordpress doesn’t actually recognize certain child type items so the code for the menu doesn’t have anything it saying “the current page is a child of this link”.

    Its something often asked about but is a shortcoming of wordpress and without seeing a site live we are usually unable to help with any kind of styling as there are somethings little tricks/hacks we can do to fake the effect.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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