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    1) Is it possible to remove the slideshow functionality and have the images show like this:

    2) Do I have to create a new portfolio single template to call to?

    Thanks for the help guys!



    Probably. Seems like a lot of work to do it the way you describe. It would be easier to store the images as meta data from custom fields attached to a post or page or portfolio items and then just display them on the individual page.

    You can use the Types plugin or a similar plugin to create the image fields (i am not sure if Types has a repeatable image field but I know I seen it one time). And then you would edit the portfolio item loop file and simply loop through all the image fields displaying them. Here is a plugin that will display custom fields as a shortcode.

    2) That’s up to you. There are many ways to accomplish the same task and whether you crate a whole new portfolio item page, and integrate it into the framework, or just have an additional custom field to distinguish between a regular portfolio item and the new custom portfolio item. When a value is present in the custom field then the individual portfolio loop would begin checking if there are a whole lot of images, and the regular slider would be blocked. If the custom field is empty, the regular slider is shown. I would do it that way since it will not require pages of customization.




    Thanks for your reply Nick.

    I don’t think we’re on the same page. I just want the images I upload to show up as separate images, rather than one slideshow.

    I want this:

    remove the slideshow functionality to show my pictures like this:


    Hey stephenbarros,

    I understand what you mean and I *think* Nick did as well however it isn’t (as far as I know) an easy change to just remove the slideshow functionality.

    I’ll tag the topic for the head of support and see if he has some input on it.




    Yes, it would require some work/changes in the slideshow class. I’ll tag this for Kriesi (feature request). Some newer themes like choices ( ) and Eunoia offer this feature and maybe Kriesi can add it to Angular too.



    I understood you. You want one image below another as you showed me on the other page that was full of t-shirts

    The link and the code below will add a repeatable image field on your Post, Page, Portfolio Item page (since i didn’t know where you wanted them) where you would insert between 1 and many images to show up on that blog page, one image below the next. Just ignore the slider that’s build into the theme.

    The code is lengthy so i pasted it here , just copy it to the very back of functions.php just the way it is.

    Ok now thats the image uploading functionality above…

    and here is something to display the images

    $images = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'nick_n-images', true);
    if($images) :
    foreach($images as $image) :
    echo '<img src="' . $image . '" class="project-image"/><br /><br />';

    And paste it on line 22 of loop-page.php inside the /includes/ folder. (you should also put the same code somewhere in loop-portfolio-item and blog as well if you want them there) and I tested the code and all works on the Page.




    I’m going to give these suggestions a shot. I really appreciate the timely and thorough replies on this forum! Thank you all. I’ll keep you posted.


    PERFECT! Nick’s solution worked like a charm:

    I want to high five all of you right now.

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