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    The portfolio it is not showing all the items in the category. Example:

    check the portfolio page (e l l e n p i e t e r s .nl/site/media/) and select ‘Shirle y v a l e n t i n e’

    you only see 1 item, but if you check the category page ( e l l e n p i e t e r s .nl/site/portfolio_entries/shirley-valentine/)

    you see that 2 items are in there.

    Also the portfolio is not sorting correctly, if you click on a category which has a couple of items you still see the initial pagination when showing the whole portfolio ( in this case 3 pages)

    Any ideas what is going wrong?


    The sorting feature does not sort/filter all portfolio items if you’re using the pagination feature. It will only sort/filter items which are on the current page. Eg atm the “Shirley Valentine” category won’t give you any results on this page: e l l e n p i e t e r s .nl/site/portfolio_entries/shirley-valentine/ but it will give you one result on page 2 and 3. Unfortunately it’s not possible to sort/filter items across pages because of technical limitations…


    so pagination should be disabled….?

    But there is no setting to have the ‘Portfolio Post Number’ to be showing all…. now there is the 100 limit, but we have more than 100 portfolio items…. so how to solve this?


    Hi hotspot,

    Going over 100 will cause substantial performance issues as far as I know and even at 100 it will probably cause considerable performance issues. So it isn’t something you should try and load in all at once unless you are working with incredible small image file sizes.

    Instead, you could try breaking up your portfolio into multiple groups on different pages or something like that.





    In my case, I have about 8 different categories each containing close to 100 items in each category. This limitation really causes some problems. Is there any workaround that you can think of to make this sort work throughout a category?

    Would it be possible to create a menu specific to portfolio category pages that lists all the categories at the top (similar to the sortable menu)? I would just lose the cool sort animation.

    Any help would be appreciated.




    You can create custom menus on Appearance > Widgets though it will be display on the sidebar if you have one.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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