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    Seems to be a problem when sorting portfolio in russian language. displayes the category names and all the portfolios but does not do anything when clicking on them- should really sort them and display the choosen ones. (it does not sort but showing them all) it works in two other languages (finniah estonian) only in russion not. (using WPML). is it a russian letter coding problem or something?

    these are the categories:

    Все/Архитектура/Берег/Исторические взгляды/Музей/Природное наследие

    These are some portfolio titles:

    Кохтлаский шахтерский парк

    Морское побережье

    Нарвская крепость

    Голубые Холмы

    Усадьба Мяэтагузе

    theme are portfolio Options:

    Which page should display the portfolio?

    Please choose the page that should serve as portfolio overview page


    Portfolio Details?

    Should the portfolio details be opened on the same page when someone clicks a portfolio item?

    No, open entries on a single page

    Portfolio Columns

    How many columns should be displayed? Should a sidebar be displayed as well?

    4 Columns

    Portfolio Page Layout

    Choose the portfolio layout here. This will overwrite any individual page settings

    no sidebar

    Portfolio Post Number

    How many items should be displayed per page?


    Portfolio Title

    Display Title of entry?


    Portfolio Sortable?

    Should the sorting options based on categories be displayed?


    Portfolio Pagination

    Should a portfolio pagination be displayed?



    Yes, I searched with google “jquery isotope cyrillic” and it seems like this script doesn’t support Cyrillic fonts. We use it: for our portfolio filter. You can try to download a demo file from and test if it works with Cyrillic characters but chances are good that it won’t work.


    you know there are 143000000 russians out there- maybe a couple of them would like to use the themes. :/


    Hi atst,

    Sorry about that, I’ll tag Kriesi on the topic and maybe he can add in the additional support for it as an update.





    You can use the theme with Cyrillic characters and just the filter doesn’t work. You can suggest a bug fix here:

    Best regards,


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