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    I have a 3 Column sortable portfolio. When I click on each portfolio category everything sorts nicely.

    However, when I click on “All” to reset the portfolio back to its original state, portfolio items hide behind each other, and only a few items show.

    Any suggestions? I am using WordPress 3.0.1



    do you have a link for us? It can be a css problem.


    Sure check out the portfolio I am building here: http://www.54solutions.co.uk/cms/portfolio/



    you changed the padding for the main container in style.css – this modification causes your problem :)


    #main{ /*main area, contains all content and sidebars*/
    /*padding:35px 0 0 0;*/


    #main{ /*main area, contains all content and sidebars*/
    padding:35px 0 0 0;

    and everything should work as expected :)


    Silly me! Many thanks!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hey there – I’m having the same problem, only the fix above didn’t resolve it. Any chance you could take a look or point me to the right place in style.css or css/style3.css where the error may have occurred? I’m sure that I am responsible for this bug, but anything you could do to help me remedy this would be greatly appreciated! You’ll notice that I’m attempting to hide the “read more” button as well as the “sort by date” from the portfolio page… perhaps the bug is related to those changes? Thanks!




    Without seeing the code you’ve modified it difficult to figure out what’s causing the bug. Can you upload the contents of template_portfolio.php to http://pastebin.com and I’ll take a look.

    I can’t make any promises about a fix as this is a modification but I’ll certainly give it a go.



    Here you go:


    Thank you so much!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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