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    Hello I am just wondering how to fix my problem with my Portfolio Thumbnails. They look very poor quality and kind of yellow color… but when you click the images, they look perfect.

    Thanks for the help!




    Can you post a link to your portfolio page please?

    Best regards,



    Any suggestion?

    Thank you Peter,



    I think you should try a bigger thumbnail size. At the moment the 180px x 180px thumbnails are used but the css code will scale them to 206 x 206px. Go to the “Gallery” element option screen and select another thumbnail size from the “Gallery Preview Image Size” dropdown.


    Thanks! Is there any CSS code to force that?



    Edit the portfolio item, click the Gallery element, look for Gallery Preview Image Size. Choose a bigger thumbnails. You’re using the square thumbnails which is 180x180px.




    Thanks, I know that, the thumbnail has to be square. Any thoughts how to fix it? Can I do the square thumbnails bigger with CSS?




    Hi Martin,

    Things look good now when checking on your previous link. The issue with trying to adjust images with css is that its just stretching them or compressing them which in turns loses quality.

    So using a good size base image and selecting the appropriate thumbnail size is best.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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