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    Hi there, is there anyway to change the look of posts when they’ve been collated after a search? i.e. if I search for a post I get the Freatured Image and excerpt. I’d like to add other elements to the way the search results appear perhaps a simple ‘contact’ or ‘read more’ link or button.



    Yes sure – you can add your code to wp-contentthemesenfoldincludesloop-search.php. Eg for a read more button replace:



    echo '<div class="read-more-link"><a href="'.get_permalink($the_id).'" class="more-link">'.__('Read more','avia_framework').'<span class="more-link-arrow"> &rarr;</span></a></div>';


    Thanks Dude, this partially works, or perhaps I wasn’t very clear in my initial request.

    Example if the search box (top right in header) is used to forthe search, it generates a horizontal search result with title/excerpt and the new ‘read more’ text which is great, however, if the WP catagory search widget is used then the result is image/excerpt but no ‘read more’ text, this is the search result that I’d really like, can this be done?





    Which “WP catagory search widget” do you mean? Is this a third party plugin/extension?




    no just the standard one that comes with WP



    Maybe I’m blind but I’m not aware of a “Category search widget” which is bundled with WordPress. Can you make a screenshot please?




    Its trhe standard catagory widget, where can I upload a screen shot – i.e catagories – a list of drop down catagories



    Sorry for the delay , the fault is mine. You can upload a screen shot to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Imgur.com, clipular.com or a number of other free image upload websites.

    You can use one of the free plugins to extend the search like http://wordpress.org/plugins/relevanssi/ or others in here http://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/better-search




    Great thanks.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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