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    WordPress installed and works fine with default theme. Can add pages and post. With the theme Corona activated I can not create posts or pages. The URL blocks on

    Although I am able to add links to the theme.

    Corona installed on another server with another database and it works fine. What’s wrong? Corona has to work on the other server.


    In other words: I get a blank page when submitting Post.php.


    I have done a bit of research. Update:

    – With the theme Corona activated I can’t save posts, messages, portfolio items, Corona theme options.

    – I do can download and activate plugins

    – I can change and save my Wordpess settings

    – With theme Twenty Ten I encounter no problems

    – When I change the database to another host it is working fine. This is actually nog the host I want to use.


    Maybe your other hoster can provide any error logs, etc.? It’s very hard to say what’s going on because of the different configurations/setups (eg win servers vs linus server, php versions, sql version, hoster restrictions, etc.).


    Hi, thanks for your reply! I will ask for it.

    Is it possible it has something tot do with my DNS settings? I am using Plesk and saw this message:


    *** Error : There is no DNS entry for your domain on this nameserver

    *** : or this nameserver functions improperly.


    I found this one too:

    PHP Fatal error: SUHOSIN – Use of eval is forbidden by configuration in /var/www/vhosts/ : eval()’d code on line 208, referer:


    I removed line 208 in my function-set-avia-ajax.php and now it seems to work. Is this harmful?

    However, now I cant’ use the ‘add featured media’ on a page anymore…

    I can upload an image, this goes in my wp-content/uploads. But when I save my page the image will disappear. It’s not saving the image.

    Images uploaded in my wysiwyg message are showing correctly.

    I checked my error log files and don’t get an error message in this case.


    I tried updating my avia_media.js but no effect.


    The error message indicates that your hoster blocks the php eval function. Some hosters block this function because it can be used for server attacks or malicious code but on the other hand it’s required for certain operations. Please ask your hoster to remove the restriction and to activate the support for the eval() function.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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