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    I have recently purchased enfold and i am a “choices theme” user as well. In the past we would design our page template under choices menu using the template builder then in the post have the ability to SELECT the page template we just built. However i have realised that enfold works differently. First of all i have enabled the advanced layout builder in POSTS :) using the meta.php hack. Aside from that how would one replicate a “similar” process like choices ? ie. I have a set amount of posts which need to have the “same” top and tail ? In choices i would set up a simple page template with the top banner lower banner and inbetween those add an element “page/post content”

    ill explain better, so basically i want to have the ability to add a image above the post and below the post BUT not have to do it manually everytime i start a new post, i just want to be able to go over to the right hand side and SELECT the page template to be applied to this post OR what ever other method you can do now with enfold i hope that makes sense !




    You can save the templates on the Advanced Layout Editor. Look for the “Templates” button at the right side of the Avia Builder.

    We can’t assure you that it will work on post because post doesn’t support the Advance Layout Editor by default.





    Thanks for your reply, however am i doing something bad by enabling the avia builder in posts mode rather than pages mode ? We have over 190 posts which i dont want to convert over to pages ? I like the new template builder but just wanted to know if anyone has any experience using it in POSTS not pages ?



    Actually it won’t work properly with posts – there’re several issues. The archive pages may break, the post formats (video, link, quote, gallery, etc.) won’t work anymore, etc.

    We had good reasons why we decided to not include this feature for posts….


    So should we use pages instead ? will that degrade search ranking both internally and / or google ranking ? Probably late as i have our internal department amending 190 + posts in POSTS mode and not converted to pages as i thought posts are better for searching and archival reasons but i could be wrong ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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