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    When the customer chooses a different size of product which has different price from the variable products drop-down, the price doesn’t get updated. Here is the link to check A size with different colors has different prices but doesn’t get updated when chosen one option from this variable product’s drop-down. Also the drop-down doesn’t show “choose an option” by default and leave the drop down’s field blank which may result the customer not to notice the drop-down. And the site loads pretty slow.

    Thank you.

    Regards! :)



    I’m forwarding this thread over to my other support team members in case they know of a reason/solution as to the price not updating. As far as your website loading slowly, the link attached loaded quickly for me. You may find if the website is loading slowly that you use a plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.




    Please come up with the solution! I’m waiting :)


    Hi 666666,

    Can you tell me what the prices are supposed to be with the variations? When I choose different options with the drops downs, the price below them is being updated exactly as it is on the demo page here:

    If you mean the price above the product, it does not update based on variation prices.




    I’m sorry for the delay! :)

    Each size with its color has its own/different price.

    as per site these are the prices……

    Ring size 5 with red color= 500$

    Ring size 5 with blue color=550$

    Ring size 5 with pink color=600$

    Ring size 5 with green color= 650$

    similarly the price of rest of the sizes with different colors will have the different price like in size 5. The prices from the size 6,. with different colors will be given later! :)

    Thank you very much! :)

    Regards! :)

    **They are not real prices. prices are given for the testing purposes :)**


    Hello 666666,

    Double check you have the prices set up properly. Looking at the source code, the prices you listed above are not the same. Each variation for ring size 5 is set to 500.

    Also try switching the theme from Abundance to one of the default wordpress themes (TwentyEleven) and testing your product there. If its an issue with WooCommerce not working as it is supposed to, you’ll need to check with their forums to troubleshoot how the product setup is supposed to be done with the variables you have set.




    sorry again for delay! :)

    Prices I’ve entered is correct but still the problem exists.

    And I’v done what you said

    I’ve disabled the theme and switched to default wordpress theme twentyelevan but still the problem exists.

    I’m not sure if I report this problem to woo, woo will respond. Because I hear people saying woo never responds to quries so quickly.



    Please report it to the WooCommerce devs – as far as I know there’re very responsive when it comes to bug reports.



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