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    Hi Guys,

    Nice theme!

    So far I found two problem tnat may have the same origin:

    1 – The price is not shown in the product page. Funny that it’s shown for all the products in the web site’s products catalogue and even the related products prices are there in the product’s page, but not the product own price.

    See it on: http://www.mamorim.eti.br/replaybrecho/index.php/loja/clue-simpsons/

    2 – I configured the thousands and the decimal separators as we use in Brazil with dots and comma (eg.: R$ 1.000,00). But when I try to use the comma in the product’s price in product’s single page the field turns red. Not a big deal because when I run the page the price is in the correct format, but I fear this problem is related to the problem 1.

    Please, anyone may help me?




    You’re using a very old version of Abundance (version 1.0.1). Please download the latest version (which is Abundance 1.5) from themeforest.net and install it. Probably this will solve your issue(s) too.

    Best regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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